Code de Conduite

PokeMMO's Services are governed by certain rules. These rules (the "Code of Conduct") must be adhered to by all users.

If you’re unsure if your actions violate this agreement, reconsider them. PokeMMO reserves the right to suspend or terminate your license to use the Services for any reason at its sole discretion to maintain a fun and safe experience for everyone.

  1. Rules related to User-generated content / chatting.
    1. You may not post, link to, allude to, facilitate distribution of, or assist other users with posting of material which:
      1. Harasses, threatens, embarrasses, distresses, defames, or is otherwise harmful towards other users;
      2. Is made with the intention to impersonate another user;
      3. Is comprised of personally identifiable information, including but not limited to, a user’s real name, account name, internet protocol address, email address, telephone number, physical address, photographs, private social media information, etc.;
      4. Is sexually suggestive, pornographic, inappropriately references human anatomy, or is otherwise obscene;
      5. Does insultingly refer to the sexual orientation or gender identity of themselves or other users;
      6. Is racially, ethnically, or nationally hateful or offensive, including but not limited to slurs or symbols associated with hate;
      7. Does reference illegal drugs or activities;
      8. Is politically charged;
      9. Does negatively portray any major religion or religious figures;
      10. Is comprised of gibberish, repeated (“spamming”), or off topic messages;
      11. Is for the purpose of causing unrest, disturbance, or for picking fights with other users;
      12. Contains software or data which is malicious, illegal, pirated, or is otherwise in violation of the content rules;
      13. Is related to hacking or exploiting of the Services;
      14. Is related to cheating or reverse engineering of the Game, or to unreleased Game content;
      15. Promotes or advertises any service or business which is non-beneficial to PokeMMO and its partners;
      16. Encourages or threatens legal action against another user or PokeMMO; or
      17. Encourages other users to violate the Terms of Service in any way.
    2. When using chat in the Game or posting to the Forums, certain chat channels have been designated for a specific purpose (e.g. trade chat). If a user’s message has a specific purpose for which a chat channel has been created (e.g. selling an item in the Game), they must use the designated chat channel.
    3. When using chat in the Game, you must select a language tag which represents the language being spoken in your messages. If no language tag is available for your language, you must use the “Other” tag.
    4. You must follow any direction to cease posting of specific content from PokeMMO’s Staff.
  2. Prohibited Commercial Uses.
    1. You may not exploit the Game or any Service for any commercial purpose not authorized by PokeMMO, including, but not limited to;
      1. Gathering any asset, resource, or performing services related to the Game for sale outside of the Game;
      2. For use at a cybercafe or other commercial facility; or
      3. For use in commercial advertising.
  3. Rules related to Trading with other users of the Services.
    1. You may not trade any asset, resource, or service related to the Game for those outside of the Game (“real money trading” or “RMT”), except where authorized by PokeMMO. Exceptions apply to entertainers and promotional material; visit for details.
    2. You may not steal, scam, or defraud other users of any asset or services to be performed.
    3. You may not intentionally excessively overcharge other users for any asset or services.
    4. You may not trade Game character names, Game team names, or account names for any Service for any reason.
    5. You may not publicly accuse other users of theft, scamming, or unfair market practices.
      1. If you are the victim of a scam or theft, you may petition PokeMMO to reverse a trade through the support panel, If a rule violation has been found, PokeMMO will attempt to compensate You through either a replacement item or an equivalent value of in-game currency. The method of recompense, if any, is at PokeMMO’s sole discretion. Limitations apply; excessive item replacement claims may be denied.
    6. PokeMMO may, at its sole discretion, halt any Game trading activity it deems to be unfair, deceptive, or disruptive to the Game’s economy.
  4. Rules related to Gameplay.
    1. You may not behave in a way which detracts from others’ enjoyment of the Game.
    2. You may not access or request recovery of any account which was not created by you.
    3. You may not use any software to connect to the Game Server which is not provided by PokeMMO.
    4. You may not reverse engineer, modify, disassemble, decompile, or create derivative works based on the software provided by PokeMMO.
    5. You may not use software to intercept or manipulate network traffic between the Game Client and a Game Server.
    6. You may not exploit any errors in design or undocumented features of the Game to gain an advantage over other users, and you may not communicate any exploitable issues to anyone other than PokeMMO. Exploits must be reported either through the support panel,, or via email ([email protected]) within a reasonable timeframe.
    7. Gameplay Automation, i.e. any software or hardware which allows automated control of the game, whether accomplished through hardware, software, or a combination thereof, is prohibited. (commonly known as “scripts,” “macros,” “bots,” or “autoclickers.”).
    8. Hacking or tampering, i.e. accessing or modifying Game Client software or Services in any manner not expressly authorized by PokeMMO, is prohibited.
    9. You may not use the Game Client with virtualization software (known as “virtual machines,” “sandboxes,” “cloud gaming,” etc.). This includes VMWare, VirtualBox, Hyper-V, KVM, Parallels, BlueStacks, NoxPlayer, MEmu Player, Android Virtual Device (AVD), Corellium, Parallels, or any other software or hardware whose purpose is to isolate the Game Client from a host machine or does otherwise interfere with the Game Client’s reading of the host machine’s identity.
    10. You may not relay or store any items for other users who are in violation of the Terms of Service.
    11. You may not attempt to or encourage any attempt to bypass any restriction which PokeMMO places on an account, character, a user’s access to a specific feature, the Game Client, or any other Services.
    12. When participating in gameplay which pits users against each other, you may not participate in any form of match fixing, leaderboard manipulation, or perform any action which violates the integrity of official rankings.
    13. You may not publicly accuse other users of rule violations. If you observe a rule violation by another user, you must report it to PokeMMO through the support panel,
    14. You may not falsely, fraudulently, or maliciously report other users.
  5. Rules Related to Player-defined Naming.
    1. You may not use any name which:
      1. Is intended to impersonate another person, including PokeMMO’s Staff or any other user of PokeMMO’s services;
      2. Incorporates any bigotry or offensive speech, including but not limited to insulting racial, ethnic, national, or religious groups, or that which has negative cultural connotations;
      3. Is sexually suggestive, pornographic, or makes inappropriate reference to bodily functions or anatomy;
      4. References any illegal drugs or activity;
      5. Is comprised of gibberish;
      6. Encourages violation of the Terms of Service;
      7. Makes reference to a historical person, celebrity, or real-world event which may cause distress to other users; or
      8. Uses misspellings or alternative spellings of any of the above.
    2. PokeMMO reserves the right to reject any name it concludes, at its sole discretion, is offensive, obscene, objectionable, or is otherwise in violation of this naming policy.
  6. Miscellaneous.
    1. You agree that you will not, under any circumstance, violate or attempt to violate any law or local regulation with your use of the Game or Services.